Massage Therapy and Healing Bodywork

Welcome, I am Diane Jacobson and I am the owner/operator of Dhyana House. Dhyana, which is Sanskrit for meditation/awareness, is thought to be an important part of the self-knowledge process and I believe to be as equally important to the healing process.

Increasing awareness through natural health care such as massage therapy, reflexology, Craniosacral work, Myofascial work, and energy work is my passion.  I integrate healing bodywork, yoga/meditation, Alkaline water and education on using food and herbs for health. I also refer to and work with other healthcare providers to help you achieve your healthcare needs is another part of my work.

I specialize in muscle and myofascial releasing, focusing on specific areas of the body, while assessing and addressing how the whole body is functioning. Working through restrictions and compensating patterns, to help bring the body back into a more balanced state.

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